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right here, on this board
Where to post:
I. Post all English to Latin requests in the English to Latin forum.
II If you have a true Latin phrase, post it in the Latin to English forum. If you have not learned Latin, DO NOT post your attempt at translating a phrase from English to Latin in this forum.
III If you are learning Latin and have a beginners question, post in the Latin Beginners' forum.

Asking Questions:
I. Start a new thread for each new topic, question, or translation request: do not hijack other people's threads.
II. Keep your translations brief - no more than a few sentences.
III. Even though we are happy to help you with the translation you require in any way we can, see our disclaimer before asking for a translation.

Requests for Translation from Latin to English:
I. Do not ever post the output from an Internet Translator. You may be banned from the forums for doing so.
II. Do not cobble together some words out of the dictionary and ask what it means. It will be incorrect, and you may be flamed. If you have an English phrase to be translated, post in the English to Latin forum.
III. If you want confirmation of a phrase translated for you on the forum, ask in the original thread.
IV. If you have homework would need help with, see the Homework Help guidelines.
V. If you are a serious Latin student translating a non-homework passage, feel free to use the Latin to English forum to ask for comments.

Descriptive Thread Titles:
Give a descriptive title to your thread. Having descriptive titles makes sure that anyone who wants to come back to your question later will be able to do so.
  • Not descriptive:
    "Translation help"
    "Latin assistance"
    "can anyone translate this?"
  • Descriptive:
    "ad vitam aut culpam"
    "in catilinam I"
    "cicero's speech translation"
In other words, people must be able to look at your title and know what your thread is about.

Composing Your Post
If a user's posts (in non-game sections) consistently do not contribute anything to discussion, then moderators have a right to remove them.

Please take the time to proofread your posts. Proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization and general grammar are both appreciated and expected.

Do not use chat shorthand, which is inconsiderate to your readers. Also, if your readers misunderstand your question, they may give you an incorrect translation.

Examples of improper posts include:
- Praper speeling is recuired becuz this is hrd to reed
- lack of capitalization for an entire sentence
- Overuse of punctuation!!!!
- Lack of punctuation means run on sentences that go on and on and on and on those sentences never seem to stop and are often meaningless and unnecessary
- There, Their, and They’re mean very different things. (look them up if you are not sure)
- The same goes with Its and It's, as well as Lose and Loose
- R u going 2 help me xlate this ta2 4 me plz (<--definitely not making reading easier)

Note: The clearer is the request, the more likely that it would be translated correctly and in a speedier fashion. Though our members enjoy helping others out with translations, it is possible that you won't get enough help if you do not bother to properly compose your post.

Old Threads:
By all means: bump them.
If you have something to add to an old thread, do it even if the original poster doesn't need the assistance anymore. More people with the same question will come to this forum - your post will be of assistance to them, if not to the original poster.

We do not allow self-promotion. Links to any website, including you own, are fine in your signature, with the exception of Latin language communities and other websites that can be deemed as competing by our forum's staff.

If you have a Latin language related website, you can post it in the Resources section only.

Rude Comments and Personal Attacks
This Latin Forum is a friendly community, where no personal attacks or flame wars are tolerated. Individuals attempting either of the above should be prepared for an immediate ban.

Smaller violations may call for a warning instead of a ban. Three warnings will warrant a ban.

Reason(s) for the ban will be provided to the affected member privately. Under no circumstances will such reasons be clarified to other forum members.

If you notice a disrespectful comment, please report it by clicking the Report link at the bottom of the post.

Inappropriate Behaviour (Added 21 June 2014)
Members who use any of the functions of the forum, whether public or private, to bully, harass or stalk other members will be suspended or banned. Any illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Unduly Offensive or Obscene Posts or Personal Messages (Added 22 March 2013)
Posts which are unduly offensive or obscene will be deleted, and result in a warning. Repeated offences will result in a suspension. Authors of obscene or offensive personal messages will be suspended or banned. (Consensual discussions about the works of ancient authors such as Catullus or Martial are obviously perfectly acceptable.)

Replying to Translation Requests (Added 18 Dec 2013)

Please only provide translations if you have some knowledge of Latin. If you are a beginner it is fine to have an attempt, but please note this in your post. Using a machine translator to provide an answer to a translation request will result in being banned.

Malicious or Intentionally False Translations (Added 5 Feb 2011)
Intentionally submitting a malicious or intentionally false translation will result in restriction of post privileges or even a permanent ban. It is perfectly acceptable to make a joke, however if you do so, you should make it obvious to the recipient that your translation is intended to be humorous. If the recipient doesn't speak Latin, you must therefore make the point in English!

We appreciate your help in keeping this community clean and peaceful.



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Tips: By Iynx 25 June 2006

The following tips may help you get a more useful translation here on the Latin Forum:

1. Spelling matters. Be as sure as possible that your spelling is correct. Small errors can be much more destructive to the sense in Latin than in English, especially if word-endings are affected. Even in English small errors can have big effects-- consider "friend" vs. "fiend".

2. Provide context. Translations of short texts can be very difficult in the absence of context. Is "fire" a noun or a verb? If a verb, do you mean as in "fire the gun", "fire the employee", or "fire the village"? Try to give us some idea what your text is about, or what you have in mind.

3. Don't expect a single "correct" answer, if you're looking for translation of a phrase. Only rarely does one exist (and then usually only because there is a well-known, received version of the phrase in the target language). Good translation doesn't usually work that way. There are almost always choices involved, and there may be scores of "correct"
versions. Which of several translations is the best is something we spend a lot of time on here. But often,in the end, it's a matter of taste.

4. Don't be put off by tentativeness or apparent uncertainty (for the reasons set out in #3). On the contrary, I would tend to mistrust anyone who puts forth his or her version as the one and only possibility.

5. Provide feedback. Let us know if you're happy with an answer. If you're not, let us know that too; if you give us some idea why, maybe we can do better.
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