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Strength, Wisdom, Protector


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I was hoping someone could help me translate -
Strength - Wisdom - Protector

and separately -
With Love

the first is not going to be in a sentence, just 3 words, like a mantra or statement. It is referring to a Father, but I am thinking keeping it neutral, so it could be used either male or female.
- And the With Love I was hoping could be meaning both the father is all these things with love, and also that the gift ( which this is going on) was given with love. If possible ?!?
Thank you So Much for your Help!!


Civis Illustris

  • Civis Illustris

Fortitudo - Sapientia - Defensor

The last one: "defensor" can't be made neutral IMHO. If it's referred to a female I would go with

Fortitudo - Sapientia - Advocata

which is borderline but you find it in some prayers (eja, ergo, advocata nostra, ...)

Regarding the gift, if it comes from the father, he could say the gift is given: "gratis et amore patris" (with gratitude and with paternal love)

or, if it comes from a mother: "gratis et amore matris" (with gratitude and with maternal love)

or "gratis et amore filiae/ filii" (with gratitude and with love of a daughter/son, if the gift comes from a daughter/son)