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Latin Resources Forum Rules

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right here, on this board
Latin Resources Forum Rules

This is the forum to post and discuss any good resources for learning Latin.

A few rules though:
1. Give your threads descriptive titles:
E.g. "Nuntii Latini"
"Latin expressions site"
"Latin dictionary"

2. Describe the resource (at least in a few words) clearly.

3. If a thread on the same type of a resource already exists, add your resource to the old thread. This is not a terrible mistake if you don't do this: just be prepared for moderators to join your thread with the already existing one.

4. You may post a website you yourself own, as long as you adhere to the above guidelines.

P.S. Administrators of the Latin forum maintain the right to edit threads in this forum to adhere to the above guidelines.
Not open for further replies.