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Deo Vindice


New Member

New Zealand
The motto of the confederates used during the american civil war.

My brother told me it means "Conquering God" I thought it meant " God of Wrath" only to look at wikipedia which translates it as; (With) God (as our) Protector.

I am so confused. Can someone confirm what it actually means?

Etaoin Shrdlu


They were very exact with their language, those pious Confederates. The original suggestion was Deo Duce Vincemus (we will conquer with God as our leader), but that was rejected as being too pagan, turning the One True Christian God into a personal scrapper. Either way, it doesn't look like their optimism was justified, as the South lost, though you wouldn't know it from the good ol' boys who talk about how their military geniuses won every battle, or, you know, would have won if it hadn't been for -- hey, pour another drink. Deo Vindice is a codeword for the types.