Chapter 70.5 - a good translation for 'ius inter litigantes diceret'?

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cum ergo Trimalchio ius inter litigantes diceret, neuter sententiam tulit decernentis, sed alterius amphoram fuste percussit.

I just wanted to check whether my translation for this bit in bold was okay, as I've seen several different ways of rendering it:

'Therefore, when Trimalchio was declaring his binding decision (Collins dictionary says: ‘was administering justice' for ius dicere- perhaps this is better?) between/among the litigants/disputants...'

Edit: I'm also having a bit of trouble with the next clause 'neuter sententiam tulit decernentis' - I've looked up sententiam fero and have found that it is almost a set phrase meaning 'to pass judgement'/'vote'. However, I don't think this is the case here; does it literally mean 'neither accepted (this is the best trans I can come up with for 'tulit') the judgement (sententiam) of the one making a decision' ? I would be grateful if someone could correct me if I am wrong.


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Yeah, ius dicere as "to administer justice" is the best translation.