Where to find hard copies of the Ad usum delphini texts?


Civis Illustris

  • Civis Illustris

These don't seem to have been printed outside of POD texts which can sometimes be really good and at other times shockingly bad. Usually don't find out until you've bought them.

Buying old ones is out of the question, they're rarer than hen's teeth, are very expensive or in poor condition.

They were reprinted and updated in the 19th century by Valpy but these are out of my price range.

The Paidea institute have their own version of these but they're not really what I'm looking for.

Does anyone know of any good quality POD versions for sale anywhere? I've spotted a few but they don't provide enough info to ascertain their quality before buying them.



Cívis Illústris

  • Civis Illustris

alia uia est, sī ipse illa pdf-documenta imprīmis et colligās.

hoc mihi ipsī cōnsilium est, quia ego quoque tālēs librōs inuenīre uoluī sed nequīuī.