Twin Flame


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Twin Flame
I’m not sure if you know the concept of a twin flame but it’s two people who are considered perfect matches for each other because their lives are mirrored. Most people say twin flames is when your lives are very similar, you are constantly saying the same things at the same time, there is an intense emotional/physical connection. Essentially like a soul mate.
I was wondering what the Latin translation for this more modern phrase would be.

My twin flame and I plan on both changing our last names since we have to ties to our family names. What better way to create a new last name then to use Latin.

Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú

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Gemini ignes, maybe. I’m not sure about using “Gemini” like this.



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A literal translation of "twin flame" would be flamma gemina. Gemini ignes is "twin fires".

Now, this in Latin wouldn't typically be taken in the figurative meaning you describe.



Now, this in Latin wouldn't typically be taken in the figurative meaning you describe.

You're probably right. In the Propertius thread posted today, Propertius used ardor duplex meaning something like 'twin passion' and I would have taken ardor geminus in the same sense: Two passion within one and the same breast.
That said I can't really think of a figurative expression that would be taken the right way. I actually also had a different connotation in mind (the one I've just mentioned) when reading the English word 'twin flames' until I read the explanation above.


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Virgil uses the expression, but of course not in the way the OP means.

stans celsa in puppi, geminas cui tempora flammas
laeta vomunt patriumque aperitur vertice sidus. (8.680-1)

Though it did remind me of this use:

agnosco veteris vestigia flammae. (4.23)