tatis = community?


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I am trying to understand if "tatis" all by itself actually means "community" in any common sense of the word.
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No, it doesn't, though it could be the ending of a word that could mean that (as well as the ending of many other words). Communitatis or societatis can mean "of (a/the) community" in some senses.

Where did you get this tatis notion from, and why do you want to know? If you're trying to translate the word "community" into Latin, we'd need to know in what sense exactly you mean it and in what context.
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I got that translation from here: https://www.wordhippo.com/

The meaning I am after would be something like in "community planning" or "this small rural community", where "community" refers to citizens/inhabitants of a place thought of as a group.
In good faith, "community planing", perhaps consilium commune:think:
"this small rural community" - haec civitas parva rustica