Pompeiiana archive available


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Couldn't find it here, so I thought I'd post it: an archive of nearly all the issues of Pompeiiana -- a Latin newsletter published for (and mostly written by) US high school Latin students is available online, courtesy of the former owner and the Bolchazy-Carducci publishing company. Pompeiiana ran from Oct 1974 - May 2003. The newsletter was founded by Bernard Barcio, who previously came up with the National Catapult Competition. Mixed Latin and English articles, with some comics, word searches, etc. The earlier editions seem a little sparse, and the latter a bit difficult to read due to the the combo of the colored magazine format and the scanning process, but the mid-range is delightful.

The main url is here: https://pompeiiana.blogspot.com/ . Click the title to load the PDF of the issue.

It's a pain to page through manually, since it defaults to only display seven entries at a time, but the old hack of manually adjusting the Blogspot URL to change max-results=7 to max-results=70 works.