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I would be glad for someone to check my answers to Pensum A in Familia Romana XXXII. These are fill in the blank exercises, with my answers enclosed in [square brackets]. This chapter teaches perfect subjunctive. I have added a % followed by the reason I think it should be perf. subj.

a1.1#Dominus dubitat num pāstor ovēs bene cūrāv[erit]. % doubt
a1.2#Dominus: "Dīc mihi, pāstor, utrum in campō dormīv[erīs] an vigilāv[erīs]." % indirect speech
a1.3#Pāstor: "Mīror cūr mē interrogēs utrum dormīv[erim] an vigilāv[erim]. Semper officium meum faciō." % indirect speech
a1.4#Dominus: "Ergō dīc mihi cūr herī ovis ē grege aberrāv[erit] ac paene ā lupō capta s[it]." % Indirect speech
a1.5#Pāstor mīrātur unde dominus hoc audīv[erit]. % indirect thought

a2.1#Iūlius servōs interrogat num Mēdum vīd[erint]. % doubt + indir. speech
a2.2#Servī: "Nescīmus quō fūg[erit], ut tibi dīximus. Cūr nōs interrogās num eum vīd[erīmus]?" % indirect thought and speech
a2.3#Iūlius: "Id interrogō, quia dubitō vērumne dīx[erītis]." % doubt + indirect thought



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The answer "indirect speech" isn't technically incorrect but, more precisely, all those verbs are subjunctive because they're in indirect questions (which are a type of indirect speech).