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Meaning of Ecclesiastical Latin "mundialis"?

Michael Zwingli

Civis Illustris

  • Civis Illustris

Hi there.
One sense of the Latin noun mundus is world. Adjectival derivatives from the meaning "world" can have the basic meanings "worldly" (oriented towards the visible world), and "global" (pertaining to the entire world). From this particular sense, "world", of mundus, two adjectives have been derived: mundanus and mundialis. Mundanus is Classical, kind of Later Classical but attested in Cicero, and means "worldly", "profane", "mundane". Mundialis (the form of which I cannot understand...whence the seemingly intrusive "i"?) is a Medieval, Ecclesiastical Latin derivation, and I believe it means more "pertaining to the entire world", and so "global", as do its descendents in the Romance languages. However, I wanted to verify this meaning of mundialis, and would like some feedback regarding that.