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"May God help me"

Francis S

New Member

I am writing something where I would like to include "may god help me" ... in Latin.

I think the verb I want is adiuvare, or some form of it.
And I am pretty sure I remember correctly that "may" calls for the subjunctive.

But that is as far as I can get without your help. Please pick the correct word, and then, if you would, please translate the expression for me, from English to Latin.

Thank you!



  • Civis Illustris

  • Patrona

You can say Deus me adiuvet or alternatively iuvet.



  • Aedilis

Maine, United States.
You might want to consider already-existing wordings taken from the traditional Roman-rite liturgy.

V: Deus in adiutorium meum intende.
R: Domine ad adiuvandum me festina.

Francis S

New Member

If I am translating correctly, festina there ("Quickly!") reminds me of Augustine's honesty: "God grant me chastity, sed noli modo" (but not immediately).

Etaoin Shrdlu


Festina does not mean 'quickly'. It is the imperative singular form of the verb and means 'hasten'/'make haste'.

Francis S

New Member

Thank you for correcting me.
I expect "hasten/make haste" is pretty much precisely what (the presumably youthful at the time) Augustine was not asking of God.