Latin words for Latin numbers?


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Reading Bello Gallico, I came across the following numbers that I'm not sure about. I have tried to find the Latin words myself. (See, e.g., here.) Are these right? TIA.

VII.24 XXV quinque et viginti, quintus vicensimus -a -um
VII.24 CCCXXX trecenti triginta, trecentensimus tricensimus -a -um
VII.75 XXXV quinque et triginta, quintus tricensimus -a -um

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Seems right, except that the ten's place comes before the one's place in ordinals above 19. In cardinals the ten's place can also come before the one's place without et, as in English, and this is actually more usual in Latin than the weird German way (fünf und zwanzig).

XXV = vīgintī quinque or quinque et vīgintī (cardinal), vīcē[n]simus [-a -um] quintus [-a -um] (ordinal)
CCCXXX = trecentī [-ae -a] trīgintā (cardinal), trecentē[n]simus [-a -um] trīce[n]simus [-a -um] (ordinal)
XXXV trīgintā quinque or quinque et trīgintā (cardinal), trīcē[n]simus [-a -um] quintus [-a -um] (ordinal)