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In Spanish (que hablo bien), "Ante Dios" appears in the Bible MANY times and means exactly what I want: before God (in the presence of or unto God), but I think that intent is lost in translation to Latin. What I don't want to imply is a notion of time, as in some time BEFORE God (exactly NOT the sort of meaning desired).

What is this for? A virtual Christian night club (to be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese). Hence, Latin, not Spanish. Also "Ante Deus" lends itself to artwork on the outside heads on the bass drums of my drum set.

One other thing: would the phonetic spelling of "Ante Deus" be like its Português pronunciation? Something like AHN-CHEH-DOOUS



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Ante Deus isn't correct.

Ante Deum can mean "before God" both in the sense of "before God in time" and "in front of God".

Coram Deo means unambiguously "before God" in the sense of "in the presence of God".


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Wow, thank you!! Something told me not to trust Google translate and another site I can't remember. I should not be surprised. Yet another PERFECT example of machine translation failure, especially perfect for me because it's so personal. Well, "Ante Dios" is correct Spanish but not exactly "cognate-like" as Portugues and French go, you might say. Darn.

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