Adjusting a verse from the Vulgate


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Hello, I am an artist currently painting an image of St John Fisher. The commissioner has asked that St John Fisher be depicted holding an open book on which this verse (Luke 5:4) from the Vulgate translation of the Bible is to be written:

"Ut cessavit autem loqui dixit ad Simonem duc in altum et laxate retia vestra in capturam."

We would however like to add context by indicating that it is Jesus who is speaking. So that the Latin would read, in translation:

"When he had finished speaking, Jesus said to Simon..."

Or, if that isn't logical in Latin...

"When Jesus had finished speaking, he said to Simon..."

Thanks so much for your help. When finished, the painting is off to a Cardinal so I don't want to make a silly mistake!



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You could just add Jesus before or after dixit; Ut cessavit autem loqui dixit Jesus ...

Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering whether context is necessary. Anyone familiar enough with the Vulgate or the Book of Luke is going to know this verse and understand who is speaking and what this scene pertains to. Is it necessary to edit the original text to make this clear?


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Thank you Clemens. That's a great point. It is an image which will be used devotionally so the addition of Iesus isn't really to make anything evident that wouldn't be to the viewer, but to add symbolic richness to the image by including the name. All best, Martin