1550 Divorce Costs Order


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I wondered if any member(s) could assist me with the attached document of 27 November 1550. It is catalogued at the John Rylands Library, Manchester, as “Order for Costs against Sir Thomas Gerrard in a Case of Divorce in the Special Court between him and Lady Jane Gerrard his wife".

The gist seems to be that Sir Thomas is ordered by William Cliff and George Wylmesley to pay or cause to be paid in lawful English money the sum of £10; the payment to be made by the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary next, 2 February. He must then appear before the two officials in Chester Cathedral on 16th February between 9 and 11 a.m. to certify that he has done so.

Have I understood correctly? What, specifically, is the purport of that reference to 1520 immediately below the King's name top left? Am I right in thinking that no reasons are given in this document for the failure of the marriage, or for why liability for costs rested with Sir Thomas rather than his estranged wife?
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The thing that looks like 1520 is chr[ist]o, part of Edward VI's royal style. "on earth, of the English and Irish church, under Christ, supreme head". I agree your interpretation. No reason for the divorce, or the allocation of costs, is given. The payment of £10 is to be made directly to Jane.