“Time the Avenger”

Arthur Simoes

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Hello. I’m asking for help with this. It’s for a memorial. The meaning I’m seeking is that time takes its toll on all of us. It’s the ultimate decider. We can’t escape the ravages of time.
Any help with a translation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your expertise and time.



  • Civis Illustris

I should think Tempus Ultor will do you fine, where the latter word comes from ulciscor 'avenge, mete out punishment'.

The Romans also had an official called the lictor, who carried out the corporal sentences of higher officials called 'magistrates'. Tempus Lictor might imply that 'Time' is but the carrier-out, so to speak, of the justice issued by a higher power (God? Nature?). Only the word lictor sounds kind of idiotic from an English perspective (sounds like 'lick/licker').